Chelsea’s Story

Ambassador profile - Chelsea Halliwell Life was trucking along beautifully for Chelsea Halliwell in August 2015. She’d established her own business, the children were moving out of the challenging infant stage, and the family were taking a break in Wanaka. Chelsea was 39, fit, well, and bullet-proof when she opened the local paper there to [...]

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Stefan Corbett

I was diagnosed with bowel cancer at age 47.  It was a bit of a shock – I was very healthy and thought I was basically bulletproof.  Four surgeries and 8 rounds of chemotherapy later I am happy to be cancer free and getting on with my life. Bowel cancer often goes undetected for some [...]

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Sarah Lambourne

Sarah was diagnosed with stage 3 bowel cancer at the age of 38yrs in July 2015.  Fortunately for Sarah, after  12 months of treatment Sarah is now fit and healthy and cancer free. Sarah is now on a mission to help raise awareness of the symptoms, break down the barriers of this embarrassing topic and also [...]

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Duncan Heyde

First, of I want to say I couldn’t be more proud to be an ambassador for Bowel Cancer NZ.  My first experience with Bowel Cancer was with my good mate Richard. He was absolutely one of the most amazing dudes I have had the pleasure of knowing..... one of the good ones, the guy that walks into a [...]

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Natalie Reynolds

One week after her 26th birthday, Natalie Reynolds was diagnosed with stage two bowel cancer. She was a mother to 15 month old Isobel and the diagnosis took her and her partner Pete Strong by total surprise. Natalie is a strong believer that the lack of conversation in New Zealand around normal bowel habits is [...]

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Brett Morrison

Brett Morrison is doing everything he can to achieve more awareness for bowel cancer. His 32-year-old wife Sarah died from the disease just 10 months after being diagnosed, leaving a legacy of selflessness and positivity she shared with everyone she met. Mr Morrison wants New Zealanders to recognise the symptoms of bowel cancer so they [...]

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Kevin Biggar

Adventurer and TV host Kevin Biggar lost his mother recently to bowel cancer. An earlier diagnosis might have made a difference. He is determined to see a nation wide screening programme put in place. […]

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Dr Jared Noel

It is with deep sadness that we farewell our truly inspirational ambassador, Jared Noel who passed away in October 2014 at only 33 years of age after a long battle with bowel cancer. He worked very hard to raise awareness, to bring bowel cancer out from the shadows and he succeeded. We will miss Jared's [...]

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Fleur Sullivan

Fleur is a well-known south island restaurateur, food author and businesswoman. Her landmark restaurant Fleur's Place in the sleepy little fishing village of Moeraki attracts international clientele and her food is world renown. The story a lot of people don’t know about Fleur is that fifteen years ago, she was given a diagnosis of aggressive [...]

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Ben and Owen Franks

All Black's star rugby brothers Ben and Owen Franks realised there was a huge gap in bowel cancer awareness in New Zealand following the diagnosis of a close family member. They are both keen to continue spreading the bowel cancer awareness message.

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