Call to action

Bowel Cancer New Zealand aims to address this major health issue of national significance with our 2015 Call to Action.

Primarily, we aim to reduce the impact of bowel cancer on our community. It is our belief that, by working together with all levels of government and the community at large, we can deliver a significant reduction in the number of New Zealanders dying from the disease and an improvement in the quality of life for patients and their families. Regional, socioeconomic and ethnic disparities need to be eliminated – where you live and to which ethnic group you belong should not determine the timeframe for care and access to services.

We have, therefore, developed the Bowel Cancer New Zealand 2015 Call to Action, which sets out 10 Key Calls we ask to see achieved before 2015.

Guided by the over-arching principles of improved outcomes and equitable care at every stage of the patient and whānau journey, we call to action the New Zealand community and all levels of the government to work together before 2015 to reduce the impact of bowel cancer for all New Zealanders and to prevent thousands of New Zealanders dying of the disease.

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