The bigger our voice grows the more lives we can save.

Talking about it saves lives, the bigger our voice becomes the more New Zealanders we can reach. We’re constantly working to raise awareness of the signs and symptoms to promote early diagnosis and support open access to treatment for anyone in need.

There is a stigma around bowel cancer limiting it being discussed with each other and with GPs. One of our key goals is to get it openly talked about all year round. To achieve this we run a variety of campaigns and initiatives.

Our awareness campaigns include:

Meat Free Week – September 24th – 30th September 2018

Challenge yourself, your friends, your family and your colleagues to give up meat for a week and raise funds for a great cause!

Going meat free for one week creates a great opportunity to get New Zealanders thinking about how much meat they eat and the impact eating too much meat may have. 


Decembeard is a beard growing challenge between Kiwi men to help raise funds and awareness for Bowel Cancer New Zealand.  #RealMenGrowBeards

Hike For Health – Great Wall of China 2019

Are you looking for the opportunity to join like-minded people, untied by the desire to raise money for vital education and patient support, and trek the Great Wall in May 2019?

Come and be part of this incredible team.

Call To Action

To help reduce the impact of bowel cancer on our country we created 10 key calls to action, addressing all levels of government and the New Zealand community.

I Give A Crap

A partnership with Cottonsoft, using well known Kiwis to raise awareness about the signs and symptoms of bowel cancer and encourage people breakthrough the stigma to have a chat with their loved ones.