Back in 2016 Quinn’s wife Renee was diagnosed with bowel cancer. This has been a tough 18 months after Renee has endured chemotherapy,  two operations – the most recent one back in August of this year.

Quinn has supported Renee through-out her treatment, with it’s up and downs, hospital visits, helping taking care of their young son so thought what is one month of itchiness  compared to what Renee has been through so decided to be part of Decembeard.

Renee was diagnosed at 38 years old, and both Quinn and Renee are advocates in raising the awareness for bowel cancer among their friends and work colleagues. As part of Renee’s journey it has made them aware that bowel cancer is not just for the elderly, that it can affect anyone, anytime, anywhere.

You can show your support to Quinn and Renee through his EverydayHero page