In September 2017, my son Liam was diagnosed with stage 4 bowel cancer at aged only 18.

Since then he as had keyhole surgery to remove the primary tumour but he now faces 6 months of chemotherapy to control the lesions within the liver before more surgery  followed by more chemotherapy.

As a father, I have been supporting my son through his treatment the best I can, as Liam is autistic. Luckily for him, he has been taking his surgery and treatment in his stride and I am the one drawing strength on those around me.  Bowel Cancer New Zealand have a closed patient and family support group via Facebook, in which I have found invaluable.

Seeing that Bowel Cancer New Zealand run this campaign Decembeard I want to make a difference and show my support, not only to Bowel Cancer New Zealand but to my son who has just started his battle against this disease.

Please help me to fight bowel cancer by donating here.