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John’s Story

N.Z’ers are dying of embarrassment and dying of appalling political neglect.  When I say “dying of embarrassment” I’m talking about people’s reluctance, particularly men, to present their tail ends to their doctor GPs, ignoring tell-tale signs of trouble until they become really pressing. When I say “dying of appalling political neglect”, I’m talking about the [...]

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Chelsea’s Story

Bowel cancer?  Not me, surely   Life was trucking along beautifully in August 2015. I’d established my own business, our children were moving out of the challenging infant stage, and we were taking a break in Wanaka, heliskiing to celebrate my husband’s 40th birthday. I was 39, fit, healthy and bullet-proof. Then I opened the [...]

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Britt’s Story

Hi I’m Britt, I’m 31 and I found out in the middle of December 2017 I have stage 4 bowel cancer. Unfortunately because of the length of time it has been left to grow it has spread to my lungs and is in my lymph nodes around the body. I have been an elite athlete [...]

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Stefan’s story

I was 47 when I was diagnosed with stage 3 bowel cancer.  I wasn’t in any pain.  In fact the only symptoms I had was sporadic blood showing up in my poop and some constipation and cramps.  Nothing really – or so I thought.  I’d been doing a bit of international travel with work and [...]

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Renee’s Story

In April 2016 I underwent surgery to remove a tumour from my bowel.  I was 38 years old and had no symptoms, other than an episode of pain in my lower left abdominal/pelvic area.  Bowel cancer was something that was not on my radar.   After a visit to my GP, in February 2016, I [...]

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Peter’s Story

My name is Peter Death – I was born and bred in Taranaki. I am now 62 and 2 years ago faced redundancy after 22 years in my role. That same year my mother (who was 94) died. I have recently been diagnosed with a Mitochondrial Myopathy (CPEO) and the only symptom before my bowel [...]

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Suzanne Roger’s

Kia Ora my name is Suzanne and I was diagnosed with Bowel Cancer in October 2006 when I was 46.  They say hindsight is a great thing and that is true.  I now realise I was showing signs something was not right back in January 06.  I realised something was wrong about July 06.  I [...]

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Jewel Brown’s story

Hi my name is Jewel Brown and last year at the age of 30 I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Bowel Cancer. Looking back I had had symptoms of diarrhoea and cramps for about 6-7 years with stomach cramps that were unbearable at times. My doctors diagnosed me with IBS and I was prescribed with [...]

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Bart 42 – Hear Bart’s Story

Bart’s is an encouraging story of the benefits of acting on the first signs of bowel cancer.  Bart has since been diagnosed with Lynch’s Syndrome.

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Dr Paddy Bhula – GP Advice

With the wealth of 20 years expertise in general practice Paddy describes bowel cancer symptoms and urges us to see our GP to discuss such symptoms without fear or embarrassment.

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