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Anita’s Story

My name is Anita, I’m 38 and I have survived cancer twice. My story with bowel cancer started when my Nana died from it when I was a young girl. My Mum was also diagnosed with it when I was 12, thankfully Mum survived and has been cancer free ever since. Due to other history within [...]

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Karen’s Story

MY JOURNEY In February 2015 I was at the doctors with my daughter, on the way out, literally half way out the door, I mentioned that I had been suffering from quite (no in reality very severe – think take your breath away) lower abdominal cramps. I had assumed that they were all part of [...]

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Nell’s Story

I experienced some family stress almost 5 years ago so I decided to visit my GP for a check. My GP told me I was anaemic so I just told him to give me some iron tablets. His response was to give me a stool test . I had never had problems with my bowels and [...]

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Fiona’s Story

Age at diagnosis: 38 Symptoms: Bleeding, anaemia and low B12, change in bowel movements, weight loss, stomach pain Duration of symptoms: 18 months Diagnosis: Stage 4 metastatic bowel cancer Treatments: 28 cycles chemoradiation, colorectal surgery, 8 rounds Capox chemotherapy, ongoing palliative chemotherapy. My story: Because I was in my late 30s, I went through a drawn-out process and delays including being [...]

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Anaru’s Story

Age at diagnosis: 38 Symptoms:  Ongoing irritable bowel-type symptoms then substantial blood in stools for three months prior to diagnosis Duration of symptoms: Irritable bowel-type symptoms for years, bleeding for three months Diagnosis: Stage 4 metastatic colon cancer. Mid-sigmoid bowel, surrounding lymph nodes, and wide-spread liver cancer Treatments: Folfox chemotherapy, mid-sigmoid colon re-section, minor left [...]

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Jenny’s Story

Age at diagnosis: 26 Symptoms:  Anaemic, blood within the stools, unexplained weight loss, low energy, severe GI discomfort, pain, and alternating diarrhoea and constipation Duration of symptoms:  16 months Diagnosis:  Stage 3 Dukes C1 colon cancer in descending colon with lymph node involvement Treatments:  Sub-total colectomy, Folfox intravenous chemotherapy and Capecitabine oral chemotherapy. My Story: Despite [...]

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Anna’s Story

Age at diagnosis: 32 Symptoms: Fatigue, low iron, change in bowel movements, severe stomach cramps Duration of symptoms: 2 years Diagnosis: Stage 2 bowel cancer Treatments: Total colectomy and ileorectal anastomosis (no bag) + 8 rounds chemotherapy (oral capecitabine). My story: I was fit and healthy and didn’t fit the profile of a bowel cancer patient, with no family history. I [...]

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Solon’s Story

Age at diagnosis: 41 Symptoms: Occasional blood in stool, bouts of diarrhoea, fatigue, fever and nausea Duration of symptoms: 12 months Diagnosis: Stage 4 Colorectal Cancer (Liver metastases) Treatments: Pre-operative chemotherapy and radiotherapy running concurrently, Open Ultra-low Anterior Re-section to remove tumour and involved lymph nodes. Post-surgery: Ileostomy bag for 7 months. Second surgery: close loop, ileostomy reversal. My [...]

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Jonny’s Story

Age at diagnosis: 34 Symptoms: Stomach cramps, fatigue, diarrhoea and anaemia Duration of symptoms: 3 months  Diagnosis: Stage 3 Colon Cancer Treatments: 2/3rds of large intestine removed and 6 months of chemotherapy. My Story: I had stomach cramps.  A mate at work had just had stomach cramps and been to the doctor, they lasted a couple of weeks and he [...]

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Sarah’s Story

Age at diagnosis: 38 Symptoms: Tiredness, unpredictable bowel habit, frequent diarrhoea, put down to food allergies or irritable bowel Duration of symptoms: 2 years Diagnosis: Stage 3 upper rectal cancer Treatments: Chemoradiotherapy, excisional surgery followed by Folfox chemotherapy. My story: I noticed blood intermittently for three weeks before going to the doctor. After diagnosis, I learnt about the symptoms of [...]

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