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Update on National Bowel Screening Programme September 2018

Hawke’s Bay District Health Board will join the National Bowel Screening Programme (NBSP) this month, bringing to seven the number of DHBs now offering free bowel screening to eligible 60 to 74 year-olds. Health Minister Dr David Clark this week opened the DHB’s new state-of-the-art gastroenterology and endoscopy unit. The $13.1 million Ruakopito building will [...]

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Anita’s Story

My name is Anita, I’m 38 and I have survived cancer twice. My story with bowel cancer started when my Nana died from it when I was a young girl. My Mum was also diagnosed with it when I was 12, thankfully Mum survived and has been cancer free ever since. Due to other history within [...]

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Karen’s Story

MY JOURNEY In February 2015 I was at the doctors with my daughter, on the way out, literally half way out the door, I mentioned that I had been suffering from quite (no in reality very severe – think take your breath away) lower abdominal cramps. I had assumed that they were all part of [...]

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Nell’s Story

I experienced some family stress almost 5 years ago so I decided to visit my GP for a check. My GP told me I was anaemic so I just told him to give me some iron tablets. His response was to give me a stool test . I had never had problems with my bowels and [...]

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Fiona’s Story

Age at diagnosis: 38 Symptoms: Bleeding, anaemia and low B12, change in bowel movements, weight loss, stomach pain Duration of symptoms: 18 months Diagnosis: Stage 4 metastatic bowel cancer Treatments: 28 cycles chemoradiation, colorectal surgery, 8 rounds Capox chemotherapy, ongoing palliative chemotherapy. My story: Because I was in my late 30s, I went through a drawn-out process and delays including being [...]

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Anaru’s Story

Age at diagnosis: 38 Symptoms:  Ongoing irritable bowel-type symptoms then substantial blood in stools for three months prior to diagnosis Duration of symptoms: Irritable bowel-type symptoms for years, bleeding for three months Diagnosis: Stage 4 metastatic colon cancer. Mid-sigmoid bowel, surrounding lymph nodes, and wide-spread liver cancer Treatments: Folfox chemotherapy, mid-sigmoid colon re-section, minor left [...]

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Jenny’s Story

Age at diagnosis: 26 Symptoms:  Anaemic, blood within the stools, unexplained weight loss, low energy, severe GI discomfort, pain, and alternating diarrhoea and constipation Duration of symptoms:  16 months Diagnosis:  Stage 3 Dukes C1 colon cancer in descending colon with lymph node involvement Treatments:  Sub-total colectomy, Folfox intravenous chemotherapy and Capecitabine oral chemotherapy. My Story: Despite [...]

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Anna’s Story

Age at diagnosis: 32 Symptoms: Fatigue, low iron, change in bowel movements, severe stomach cramps Duration of symptoms: 2 years Diagnosis: Stage 2 bowel cancer Treatments: Total colectomy and ileorectal anastomosis (no bag) + 8 rounds chemotherapy (oral capecitabine). My story: I was fit and healthy and didn’t fit the profile of a bowel cancer patient, with no family history. I [...]

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Solon’s Story

Age at diagnosis: 41 Symptoms: Occasional blood in stool, bouts of diarrhoea, fatigue, fever and nausea Duration of symptoms: 12 months Diagnosis: Stage 4 Colorectal Cancer (Liver metastases) Treatments: Pre-operative chemotherapy and radiotherapy running concurrently, Open Ultra-low Anterior Re-section to remove tumour and involved lymph nodes. Post-surgery: Ileostomy bag for 7 months. Second surgery: close loop, ileostomy reversal. My [...]

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Jonny’s Story

Age at diagnosis: 34 Symptoms: Stomach cramps, fatigue, diarrhoea and anaemia Duration of symptoms: 3 months  Diagnosis: Stage 3 Colon Cancer Treatments: 2/3rds of large intestine removed and 6 months of chemotherapy. My Story: I had stomach cramps.  A mate at work had just had stomach cramps and been to the doctor, they lasted a couple of weeks and he [...]

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