Patient Stories

Hear Nadine’s Story

Diagnosed at 45, Nadine tells her story of the events and decision making which shaped her bowel cancer experience and stresses the importance of sharing.

Hear Ron’s Story

67 year old Ron was diagnosed with bowel cancer at 50 and had no symptoms despite a family history. Ron shares his story of diagnosis and recovery.

Hear Ian’s Story

At just 37 years old, Ian was diagnosed with bowel cancer having been symptomatic for 12 months before being diagnosed.  Ian shares his surgery and chemotherapy experiences and encourages others to seek help early from their GP if they have…

Hear Bart’s Story

Bart’s is an encouraging story of the benefits of acting on the first signs of bowel cancer.  Bart has since been diagnosed with Lynch’s Syndrome.

Dr Paddy Bhula, GP Advice – Act early on symptoms

With a wealth of 20 years expertise in general practice Paddy describes bowel cancer symptoms and urges us to see our GP to discuss such symptoms without fear or embarrassment.

Remembering Jared Noel

It is with deep sadness that we farewell Dr Jared Noel who passed away in October 2014 at only 33 years of age after a long battle with bowel cancer. Rest in Peace Jared.

Read Jared’s blog here